A&A Benefit

The Aid and Attendance (A&A) benefit is a tax-free benefit available to veterans and surviving spouses who need help with their activities of daily living or are housebound due to a disability. The benefit is in addition to the basic Veterans Pen… Read More
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Dying without a Will

I get calls almost weekly from people inquiring about the necessity of a will. It is often when a loved one is in the hospital or transitioning to hospice and the family is in a panic to make sure a will is in place. During these phone calls I do my… Read More
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Gift and Inheritance Taxation

Inheritance Tax in 2021 Inheritance tax is a constant concern I hear from clients. There is so much misinformation regarding what is taxed and what is not. This blog is designed to help clarify some myths regarding gift taxation during lifetime and a… Read More
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Planning for the Unexpect…

Planning for the Unexpected: When Someone Becomes Disabled

Understanding the Importance of Special Needs Planning Planning is paramount for a family with a member who has special needs. This cannot be stressed enough. In addition to the day-to-day planning (education, socialization, encouraging independence,… Read More
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COVID-19’s Lesser Known…

COVID-19’s Lesser Known Impact

2020 has been a year of nearly immeasurable change on a global scale. The Covid-19 pandemic has completely altered many peoples’ day-to-day lives. While most of us are settling into this (hopefully) temporary way of living, others have not been so… Read More
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The Probate Court in a Pa…

The Probate Court in a Pandemic

I was recently asked to give a virtual presentation on the probate process and how that has been affected by the pandemic. I realized this would probably also make for an interesting blog topic. The probate court, like all courts, are governed by wri… Read More
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Duties of an Agent Under…

Duties of an Agent Under a Power of Attorney in Michigan

A power of attorney allows a person, known as the principal, to give authority to an agent to handle some or all of their financial affairs. This could include managing the principal’s assets while they are temporarily unavailable, making all of th… Read More
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A Patient Advocate’s Re…

A Patient Advocate’s Responsibilities to a Patient Who Is Under Quarantine in Michigan

Designating someone who can make medical decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated is an important part of the estate planning process. This is often known as a “medical power of attorney.” Michigan law calls it a “designation of pat… Read More
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How a Certified Dementia…

How a Certified Dementia Practitioner Can Help You

Dementia afflicts millions of people in the United States, and tens of millions of people worldwide. With improvements in life expectancy, that number is expected to continue to rise in the coming decades. Meeting the needs of dementia sufferers, inc… Read More
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Overview of Long-Term Car…

Overview of Long-Term Care Services Covered by Medicaid in Michigan

Medicaid provides assistance with health care costs to people all over the country. This includes the cost of long-term care for people who, due to age, chronic illness, or disability, need help with daily activities. The Michigan Department of Healt… Read More
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