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Does Your Estate Plan Cover Your Online Data?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your online data after you pass away? Maybe Facebook has reminded you of a passed loved one’s birthday, or you find yourself wondering how to pass down your Google photo albums to your children. Michigan l… Click here to learn more
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Categories: Estate Planning

Is a Ladybird Deed the Answer to Your Estate Planning Property Questions?

Creating an estate plan that takes into account all the life changes you could possibly experience in the next decades is tough — some would say impossible. When you are trying to decide what to do with your home or vacation property, it can raise… Click here to learn more
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Categories: Estate Planning

Medical and Durable Powers of Attorney​: What's the Difference?

Who gets to make important decisions for you if you are in the hospital? What about financial decisions? It is important to have both a medical and durable power of attorney in place to give authority to the right loved ones, and help them understand… Click here to learn more
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Categories: Power of Attorney

VA Planning: What does a VA benefits strategic plan look like?

Veterans and their families have put a lot on the line in service to their country. Now that they are home, they are entitled to a number of VA benefits. In many cases, it takes a VA benefits strategic plan to account for military and civilian retire… Click here to learn more
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Categories: Veterans Benefits

How Often Should You Review Your Estate Plan?

You’ve taken the time to put your final wishes down on paper. You’ve chosen all your beneficiaries and laid out your end of life choices. You’ve even hired an estate planning attorney to make everything official. Are you done? How o… Click here to learn more
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Categories: Estate Planning

How to Tell if You Need to File for Guardianship

Making the decision to take away someone’s independence is never easy. Disability, or simply old age, can affect your loved one’s ability to safely make decisions for themselves. In those cases, the time may come when someone else needs t… Click here to learn more
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Will Michigan Medicaid Cover In-Home Care?

It can be hard to watch a loved one age, knowing he or she is no longer able to do what is needed to maintain the family home, or protect his or her own health. But just because a person needs help doesn’t mean he or she should be sent to a nur… Click here to learn more
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Categories: Medicaid

Are Online Estate Planning Forms Good Enough?

In a modern world, it is increasingly simple to turn to the Internet for everything from specialized tools to toothpaste. In recent years, several companies have released online estate planning forms for purchase. These programs allow users to create… Click here to learn more
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Categories: Estate Planning

How Do Michigan Probate Attorney Fees Get Paid?

When a loved one passes away, money is the last thing you want to be thinking about. Everything from final expenses to outstanding credit cards may have to be paid, and then there are the legal fees. Find out how Michigan probate attorney fees get pa… Click here to learn more
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Categories: Probate

​Why College Students Need Powers of Attorney

Parents have just sent their college students back to school for another semester. Maybe they are helping their kids plan for a semester abroad or a spring break vacation. Find out why that plan should include powers of attorney and other estate plan… Click here to learn more
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Navigating the needs and complexities surrounding the older and aging population…
Guardianship, conservatorship, trust administration, and probating an estate.
Planning for an individual or loved one's incapacity or death
Future financial, life management, and medical care for those with disabilities.

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