A Last Will and Testament — or "will" — is a central part of most estate plans. Some basic information about wills appears below. To learn more about what type of estate plan would be best for you and your family, we invite you to call today for a free initial telephone consultation.

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Benefits of Having a Last Will and Testament

A will is a legal document that describes who will receive your assets, or estate, when you die. Without a will, a person would die "intestate," meaning Michigan law would divide and distribute the estate to your surviving family members based on their legal relationship to you. No consideration is given under state law to how 'close' such family members were to you, and no friends, unwed spouses, or charities inherit anything under intestate law.

Contrary to popular belief, a will has no legal authority until the maker of the will dies and the will is filed with the proper probate court. Accordingly, a will is always revocable and no beneficiary has a right to the property until the maker’s death, and the will is probated.

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