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​Why College Students Need Powers of Attorney

Parents have just sent their college students back to school for another semester. Maybe they are helping their kids plan for a semester abroad or a spring break vacation. Find out why that plan should include powers of attorney and other estate plan… Click here to learn more
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What is a Ladybird Deed?

A ‘Ladybird Deed,’ or enhanced life estate deed, is a document used in planning and can be very beneficial for avoiding probate and protecting the home in a Medicaid situation. A Ladybird Deed keeps the title of the property in the homeowner’s… Click here to learn more
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Do I really need to hire a lawyer for estate planning or can I just use online forms?

In today’s technical society, many options are available for someone looking to do estate planning. However, there is always risk with a ‘general’ plan and it is highly recommended that everyone receive a personal assessment. There is no ‘one… Click here to learn more
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Practice Areas

Navigating the needs and complexities surrounding the older and aging population…
Guardianship, conservatorship, trust administration, and probating an estate.
Planning for an individual or loved one's incapacity or death
Future financial, life management, and medical care for those with disabilities.

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